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Copper 3D Copperama Framed US Mail Statecoach Wall Art by John Louw, Rodeo Rider Copperama Framed Bucking Bronco Cowboy Wall Art by John Louw 16x13, COPPERAMA AUSTRALIA 3 D KANGAROO WALL PLAQUE , Flower 3D Wall Art Plaque, Copper 3D Copperama Framed HORSE STALLION HORSES Wall Art By John Louw, Copperama Football Player Wall Decor Hanging Copper Plaque, Vintage Framed Copper Picture Shark Bas Relief 3 D Art Copperama Sig, COPPERAMA TWO FRAMED COPPER PICTURES BY JOHN LOUW, Copperama Inc.Train Wall Plaque Oval Copper Over Wood, COPPERAMA, INC. Oval Plaque w WINDMILL 'Ol Squeakeee's by Victor